Delivering accurate and relevant disaggregation of energy flows / consumption

Load curve disaggregation or Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) refer to algorithms which aim at extracting individual appliance or end-use level data from a home load curve at a single point (the electricity meter).


The Sim4Blocks Project

Sim4Blocks is a four-year project funded by the EC’s Horizon 2020 programme that will develop innovative demand response services for residential and commercial applications. The project will combine decentralised energy management technology at the blocks-of-buildings-scale to enable demand response. The project, which consists of a consortium of 17 partners from across Europe, began on April 1st 2016 and will run for four years.

The demand response systems and services will be applied to three pilot sites in Germany, Spain and Switzerland, and tested together with interfaces to ensure that they are intuitive to use. The pilot sites are blocks of highly energy-efficient buildings with diverse energy systems and, most importantly, the infrastructure necessary for testing demand response strategies. 

Overall, Sim4Blocks will help to increase energy flexibility in the electricity grid in order to accommodate the fluctuating renewable energy sources that are so important for the decarbonisation of the power sector. It will also encourage better user engagement and awareness in energy use at home, and hopefully introduce cost savings for consumers as well.


Creating value from energy data: the disaggregation challenge

A White paper about our scientific work - Homepulse has developed and implemented a breakthrough technology, based on a new, patented approach to energy disaggregation. Current state of the art technology and benefits of Homepulse’s technology.

Creating Value from energy data

Brief synopsis of our solution. Our machine learning technology is fed real-time by user panel data; reciprocally, our disaggregation engine runs real-time on our panel data to keep usage and equipment level consumptions up-to-date.

Energy + home centric market research

A suite of solutions and services for utilities. Our service-enabling technology opens up the path for many consumer engagement and demand response applications.