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Deliver your residential customers real-time invoice estimates, consumption benchmarks and cost breakdown by usages.

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Report to your customers unexpected changes in their consumption pattern through near real time SMS.

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Customize your energy saving tips or demand response messages, according to each household’s consumption pattern.

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Fact 1

High-Level Scientists & Big Data Experts
(8 PhDs and engineers dedicated to R&D)

Fact 2

Big Data Scalable Architecture
(distributed real-time IT)

Fact 3

High-Resolution Load Curves Databases
(> 10 billion measures)

Fact 4

Powerful Algorithms – Machine Learning
(Patents pending)

Homepulse Team

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Actual facts


61% of households request notifications and alerts regarding unusual energy consumption.

Cost per appliance

53% of households want to know the cost of each electrical appliance usage.

Bill forecast

50% of households struggling to pay their electric bill, request a bill forecast service.

Active demand response

73% of households accept to receive SMS during peak load asking to limit electrical appliances use.

Source: the Powermetrix.fr representative panel of French households — 1,376 households as of June 2014